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The sleep miracle from nature…

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Height 27cm
Component parts •Individual springs with a diameter of 40 mm, which provides mattress strength, longevity, hardness on the mattress base.
•A layer of coconut and cactus plants, thanks to which ventilation is carried out on the mattress. Natural fibers are tough, but at the same time elastic.
• Labyrinth, which is a complete refinement of synthetic fibers. It gives the mattress unique elasticity, equal distribution of pressure points and ventilation.
• Amethyst powder, in which the Ametist stone powder is used in production.
Why choose an Amethyst Darkening Mattress?
1. The energy given by him has a vital effect on people,
2. That energy creates harmony and equilibrium,
3. The negative energy in the environment transforms into positive energy,
4. The quality of sleep improves.

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