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Electromagnetic Barrier...

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Height 27cm
Component parts • Individual springs with 60 mm diameter. Since only the pieces of bags are attached to each other, each spring is flexible, without the aid of a spring, to move. Due to this technology, the springs do not carry any sharp movement. This means you can move in the bed without any shock, causing a crunch.
• Cell Pocket System spring system. Inserted into two-sided cloth and stacked with each spindle axis. Thanks to this unique technology, the Cell Pocket System springs have a shorter height, but provide excellent flexibility, ventilation, and support for body parts.• Horse hair. It has a very durable and perfect ventilation. This means that the mattress can easily absorb the moisture of the person and quickly dry due to the horizontal fabric made of horse hair, giving perfect comfort during sleep.
• Wool fur. It is used to protect human body temperature in different climatic conditions. Unique properties of this fiber make the products of "LUX" class in bedding.
• Biocare dark. The overwhelming use of electronic devices, such as mobile phones, computers, TVs, microwave ovens, brings more and more exposure to non-ionized electromagnetic waves than ever before in history.
Due to its special metallic web yarn, its non-ionized radiation is 98.5% away from the body.
It has the following peculiarities:
1. The sleep quality improves,
2. helps to prevent stress,
3. A method of avoiding electromagnetic waves has been developed;
4. It is scientifically proven that it prevents radiation.

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