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Double Cotton

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Mattress ... for those who prefer nature ...

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Height 32cm
Component parts • Connected springs (bonnell). These springs have a sand-like shape and are connected to each other with a metal tube. Sometimes, people using bonnell springs are complaining about the hard edge of the mattress, the cause of which is the universal metal rod that connects separate springs. However, thanks to the skilled artisan of Haybed, this problem does not threaten our producers, as the mattresses use enough sponges to cover springs.
• High density sponge used to separate springs. The mattress gives extra hardness, hardness and durability. The mattress has an additional mattress that contains a dense sponge.
• Cotton fiber. During the day, we are continuously dealing with chemicals. During sleep, the body's protective function is at its lowest level, so it is important to provide a healthy, natural environment free of pesticides. The advantages of choosing mattresses with organic cotton cottons are:
3. ecologically clean and natural
4. does not contain hazardous substances that endanger human health

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