Any item purchased from may be returned or exchanged within 14 days after the purchase (in accordance with the RA legislation).

Please review the return terms and conditions.

The return process consists of the following three steps:

A. For buyers located in Armenia:

  1. Complete a return or exchange application
  2. Submit the product to the company’s office
  3. Get back the money paid

B. For international buyers:

The following documents are required to organize the return of the product:

  1. Identification card/document
  2. CCM coupon (in case of online payment, the printed copy of the notification)
  3. The above-mentioned return application

Return conditions vary depending on the reasons for the return

a) If you just want to return the product

In case of returning the item simply because you wish so, the box should not be damaged or opened. You cannot return the product if it has been used or has been damaged after it was delivered to you. If none of the above conditions is infringed, you may return the item within 7 days after forming the order. That is why, please, open the item in the presence of the deliverer.

b) If the product does not meet the description or is damaged;

If you notice any discrepancy with the description, please, call the service centre dialling the following number – +374 41 711 117 and submit the problem. If you wish, you may ask our employees to exchange the item with another item of the same model.

If you still want to return it, you can return your item within 14 days after the order registration.
After forming the return application, the money will be transferred to you personally or to your personal e-wallet within 3-5 business days from the moment of accepting the application.

Some vendors, brands or products may have peculiar rules of return, so we ask you before making a purchase review the return and exchange conditions on the product page. In the absence of separate terms, the product is subject to return or exchange in accordance with the rules set out in this Article.

ATTENTION: When returning the item, the shipping fee is not refunded.

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